Title 5 RCW

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5.24Uniform judicial notice of foreign laws act.
5.28Oaths and affirmations.
5.40ProofGeneral provisions.
5.44ProofPublic documents.
5.45Uniform business records as evidence act.
5.46Uniform photographic copies of business and public records as evidence act.
5.48ProofReplacement of lost records.
5.50Uniform unsworn declarations act.
5.51Uniform interstate depositions and discovery act.
5.52Telegraphic communications.
5.56WitnessesCompelling attendance.
5.62WitnessesRegistered nurses.
5.64Admissibility of certain gestures of apology, sympathy, fault, etc. in civil actions against health care providers.
5.66Admissibility of certain gestures expressing sympathy.
5.68News media.
5.70DNA evidence.


Rules of court: See Rules of Evidence (ER).
City codes as evidence: RCW 35.21.550.
Corporate seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.
Deposition, definitions: RCW 9A.72.010.
District courts, witnesses and depositions: Chapter 12.16 RCW.
Domestic relations, spouse or domestic partner as witness: RCW 26.20.071.
Method for recording of instruments: RCW 65.04.030, 65.04.040.
Microfilming of records to provide continuity of civil government: Chapter 40.10 RCW.
Order for examination of judgment debtor: RCW 6.32.010.
Records of medical, dental, pharmaceutical, or hospital review boards, immunity from process: RCW 4.24.250.
Superior court records, destruction, reproduction: RCW 36.23.065 through 36.23.070.