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Various fees collectedDivision with state.

(1) Revenue collected under this section is subject to division with the state.
(2) The party filing a transcript or abstract of judgment or verdict from a United States court held in this state, or from the superior court of another county or from a district court in the county of issuance, shall pay at the time of filing a fee of twenty dollars.
(3) The clerk shall collect a fee of twenty dollars for: Filing a document not related to or a part of a proceeding, civil or criminal, or a probate matter, required or permitted to be filed in the clerk's office for which no other charge is provided by law.
(4) If the defendant serves or files an answer to an unlawful detainer complaint under chapter 59.18 or 59.20 RCW, the plaintiff shall pay before proceeding with the unlawful detainer action one hundred twelve dollars.
(5) Any party filing a counterclaim, cross-claim, or third-party claim in an unlawful detainer action under chapter 59.18 or 59.20 RCW shall pay the equivalent to the total filing fee of an unlawful detainer action pursuant to RCW 36.18.020, including the fee for an unlawful detainer answer pursuant to subsection (4) of this section.
(6) For a restrictive covenant for filing a petition to strike discriminatory provisions in real estate under RCW 49.60.227 a fee of twenty dollars must be charged.
(7) A fee of twenty dollars must be charged for filing a will only, when no probate of the will is contemplated.
(8) A fee of twenty dollars must be charged for filing a petition, written agreement, or written memorandum in a nonjudicial probate dispute under RCW 11.96A.220, if it is filed within an existing case in the same court.
(9) A fee of thirty-five dollars must be charged for filing a petition regarding a common law lien under RCW 60.70.060.
(10) For the filing of a tax warrant for unpaid taxes or overpayment of benefits by any agency of the state of Washington, a fee of five dollars on or after July 22, 2001, and for the filing of such a tax warrant or overpayment of benefits on or after July 1, 2003, a fee of twenty dollars, of which forty-six percent of the first five dollars is directed to the state general fund.


Reviser's note: This section was amended by 2009 c 417 § 1 and by 2009 c 479 § 20, each without reference to the other. Both amendments are incorporated in the publication of this section under RCW 1.12.025(2). For rule of construction, see RCW 1.12.025(1).
Effective date2009 c 479: See note following RCW 2.56.030.
Intent2005 c 457: See note following RCW 43.08.250.
Effective date1999 c 42: See RCW 11.96A.902.
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