Chapter 31.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 31.24.005FindingsDeclarationsIntent.
HTMLPDF 31.24.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 31.24.020ApplicationContentsArticles of incorporationFeesInitial capitalApproval.
HTMLPDF 31.24.023Filing articles of incorporationReceipt of certificate of authority.
HTMLPDF 31.24.025FeesDirector's discretion.
HTMLPDF 31.24.030Corporate powers.
HTMLPDF 31.24.066Plan of assessmentPurposeRequirementsApproval.
HTMLPDF 31.24.070Powers of stockholdersVoting rightsProxy votingPlan of assessmentDividendsRules.
HTMLPDF 31.24.073Aggregate limit on loans and investmentsSingle borrower or business.
HTMLPDF 31.24.075Insider transactions.
HTMLPDF 31.24.080Amendment of articles of incorporationDirector's approvalFiling.
HTMLPDF 31.24.090Board of directorsOfficers and agentsPowersElectionMeetings.
HTMLPDF 31.24.100Minimum capital, surplus, undivided profits, and net earnings.
HTMLPDF 31.24.110No receipt of money on deposit.
HTMLPDF 31.24.120Examinations by director of financial institutionsReportsAuthority of director.
HTMLPDF 31.24.130First meetingNoticeDuties of incorporators.
HTMLPDF 31.24.140Duration of business development company.
HTMLPDF 31.24.150DissolutionMethodDistribution of assets.
HTMLPDF 31.24.160Credit of state not pledged.
HTMLPDF 31.24.170Business development companies designated state development companies.
HTMLPDF 31.24.190Formation of historic business development company for purpose of preservation of historic buildings, areas, or neighborhoods.
HTMLPDF 31.24.200Insolvency and liquidationChapter 30.44 RCW.
HTMLPDF 31.24.205Supervisory direction and conservatorship.
HTMLPDF 31.24.210Mergers or consolidationsApplicationApproval.
HTMLPDF 31.24.215Conversion of development credit corporationApplicationApprovalFiling of articlesCertificate of authority.
HTMLPDF 31.24.220Confidentiality and disclosureExaminations.
HTMLPDF 31.24.225Business as a limited liability company.
HTMLPDF 31.24.230Simultaneous applicationsBusiness development company and nondepository lender of certain loansProcedureFees.
HTMLPDF 31.24.235Rule making.
HTMLPDF 31.24.901Short title.


Economic development finance authority: RCW 43.163.080.