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Chapter 18.28 RCW



HTMLPDF 18.28.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.28.080Fees for debt adjusting servicesLimitationsRequirements.
HTMLPDF 18.28.090Excess chargesContract voidReturn of payments.
HTMLPDF 18.28.100Contract requirements.
HTMLPDF 18.28.110Debt adjusterFunctions required to be performed.
HTMLPDF 18.28.120Debt adjusterProhibited acts.
HTMLPDF 18.28.130Legal servicesRendering or obtainingUsing name of attorneyProhibited.
HTMLPDF 18.28.140Assignment of wages not prohibited.
HTMLPDF 18.28.150Trust account for payments by debtorDisbursements.
HTMLPDF 18.28.165Investigations.
HTMLPDF 18.28.180Administrative procedure act to govern administration.
HTMLPDF 18.28.185ViolationsUnfair practice under chapter 19.86 RCW.
HTMLPDF 18.28.190ViolationsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 18.28.200ViolationsInjunctions.
HTMLPDF 18.28.210ViolationsAssurance of discontinuanceEffect.
HTMLPDF 18.28.220Violation of injunctionCivil penalty.
HTMLPDF 18.28.800Nonprofit or exempt organizationsReport.
HTMLPDF 18.28.900Saving prior contracts.