Chapter 53.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 53.04.010Port districts authorizedPurposesPowersPublic hearing.
HTMLPDF 53.04.015Port districts in areas lacking appropriate bodies of waterAuthorizedPurposes.
HTMLPDF 53.04.016Port districts in areas lacking appropriate bodies of waterAuthority an additional and concurrent method.
HTMLPDF 53.04.017Port districts in areas lacking appropriate bodies of waterElections.
HTMLPDF 53.04.020Formation of countywide district.
HTMLPDF 53.04.023Formation of less than countywide district.
HTMLPDF 53.04.031Initiating petition, commissioner district descriptionsInitial election of commissioners.
HTMLPDF 53.04.060District declared formed.
HTMLPDF 53.04.070Expense of election.
HTMLPDF 53.04.080Annexation of territoryPetitionElection.
HTMLPDF 53.04.085Petition for annexation to port district.
HTMLPDF 53.04.100Order of annexationLiability of area annexed.
HTMLPDF 53.04.110Change of name.
HTMLPDF 53.04.120Transfer of port district property to adjacent districtProcedureBoundary changesJurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 53.04.150Alternative annexation methodsPetition for resolutionDistricts authorized to usePetition requirements.
HTMLPDF 53.04.160Alternative annexation methodsPetition for resolutionWhere filedCommission's duties.
HTMLPDF 53.04.170Alternative annexation methodsPetition for resolutionHearingResolution.
HTMLPDF 53.04.180Alternative annexation methodsAnnexation by written consentDistricts authorized to useResolution.
HTMLPDF 53.04.190Alternative annexation methodsOutstanding indebtedness.