Chapter 9A.68 RCW



9A.68.020Requesting unlawful compensation.
9A.68.030Receiving or granting unlawful compensation.
9A.68.040Trading in public office.
9A.68.050Trading in special influence.
9A.68.060Commercial bribery.


Banks and trust companies, misconduct by employees: RCW 30A.12.110.
Baseball, bribery and illegal practices: Chapter 67.04 RCW.
Bribery or corrupt solicitation: State Constitution Art. 2 ยง 30.
Bribery or corruption offender as witness: RCW 9.18.080.
Cities and towns, commission form, misconduct of officers and employees: RCW 35.17.150.
County officers, misconduct: RCW 36.18.160, 36.18.170.
Elections, bribery or coercion: Chapter 29A.84 RCW.
Employees, corrupt influencing, grafting by: RCW 49.44.060.
Insurance, fraud and unfair practices: Chapter 48.30 RCW.
Labor representative bribery: RCW 49.44.020, 49.44.030.
Misconduct in signing a petition: RCW 9.44.080.
Public officers, misconduct: Chapter 42.20 RCW.
School officials, grafting: RCW 28A.635.050.
Wages, rebating by employers: RCW 49.52.050, 49.52.090.
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