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Civil cause of action.

(1) In addition to the criminal penalties provided in RCW 9A.56.262 through 9A.56.266, there is created a civil cause of action for theft of telecommunication services, for unlawful manufacture of a telecommunication device, and for unlawful sale of a telecommunication device.
(2) A person who sustains injury to his or her person, business, or property by an act described in RCW 9A.56.262, 9A.56.264, or 9A.56.266 may file an action in superior court for recovery of damages and the costs of the suit, including reasonable investigative and attorneys' fees and costs.
(3) Upon finding a violation of 9A.56.262, 9A.56.264, or 9A.56.266, in addition to the remedies described in this section, the court may impose a civil penalty not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars.
(4) The superior court may grant temporary and final injunctions on such terms as it deems reasonable to prevent or restrain violations of RCW 9A.56.262 through 9A.56.266.


Telecommunications crime: Chapter 9.26A RCW.
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