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Annual reports requiredContentsCritical materials designated.

Every person conducting a commercial or industrial operation within this state who discharges wastes, other than sanitary sewage, into waters of the state or into any sewer system which discharges into waters of the state, and every person conducting a commercial or industrial operation within the state who discharges wastes into the air of the state, shall file, annually, during the month of January, reports, on forms provided by the department of ecology, setting forth:
(1) The nature of the enterprise;
(2) A list of materials used in, and incidental to, its manufacturing processes, including by-products and waste products;
(3) The estimated annual total gallons or pounds (or other appropriate measurement) of wastes, including, but not limited to, process and cooling water to be discharged into the water or air, or into any sewer system.
The list of materials provided for in subsection (2) hereof shall relate to all materials designated by the director of the department of ecology, after consultation with a committee on [of] environmental specialists of not less than five appointed by the director, as critical materials which have substantial potential to adversely affect the quality of waters or environment of the state, or the uses made thereof, if allowed to enter the same. Formal designation shall be adopted by the director as a rule and filed in a "critical materials" registry of the department of ecology. "Person" as used herein means an individual partnership, firm, corporation, association or other entity.
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