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Gambling information, transmitting or receiving.

(1) Whoever knowingly transmits or receives gambling information by telephone, telegraph, radio, semaphore, the internet, a telecommunications transmission system, or similar means, or knowingly installs or maintains equipment for the transmission or receipt of gambling information shall be guilty of a class C felony subject to the penalty set forth in RCW 9A.20.021.
(2) This section shall not apply to such information transmitted or received or equipment or devices installed or maintained relating to activities authorized by this chapter including, but not limited to, sports wagering authorized under RCW 9.46.0364 and 9.46.0368, or to any act or acts in furtherance thereof when conducted in compliance with the provisions of this chapter and in accordance with the rules adopted under this chapter and conducted in accordance with tribal-state compacts.


IntentEffective date2020 c 127: See notes following RCW 9.46.0364.
State policy2006 c 290: "It is the policy of this state to prohibit all forms and means of gambling, except where carefully and specifically authorized and regulated. With the advent of the internet and other technologies and means of communication that were not contemplated when either the gambling act was enacted in 1973, or the lottery commission was created in 1982, it is appropriate for this legislature to reaffirm the policy prohibiting gambling that exploits such new technologies." [ 2006 c 290 s 1.]
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