Title 88 RCW

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88.01Boating offense compact.
88.02Vessel registration.
88.04Charter boat safety act.
88.08Specific acts prohibited.
88.16Pilotage act.
88.24Wharves and landings.
88.26Private moorage facilities.
88.28Obstructions in navigable waters.
88.32River and harbor improvements.
88.40Transport of petroleum productsFinancial responsibility.
88.46Vessel oil spill prevention and response.


Canal commission: Chapter 47.72 RCW.
Construction projects in state waters: Chapter 77.55 RCW.
Harbor improvements in port districts: Chapter 53.20 RCW.
Harbor line commission: RCW 79.115.010.
Harbor line commission: State Constitution Art. 15 s 1 (Amendment 15).
Harbors and tide waters: State Constitution Art. 15 s 1 (Amendment 15).
Interference with navigable body, a nuisance: RCW 9.66.010.
Jurisdiction of cities and towns over adjacent waters: RCW 35.21.160.
Lien for transportation, storage, advancements, etc.: Chapter 60.60 RCW.
Lien on vessels and equipment for labor, material, damages, and handling cargo: Chapter 60.36 RCW.
Marine employeesPublic employment relations: Chapter 47.64 RCW.
Marine recreation land act: Chapter 79A.25 RCW.
Material removed for channel or harbor improvement, or flood controlUse for public purpose: RCW 79.140.110.
Port districts: Title 53 RCW.
Powers of cities and towns relative to docks and other appurtenances to harbors and shipping: RCW 35.22.280, 35.23.440, and 35A.11.020.
Steamboat companies: Chapter 81.84 RCW.
Tidelands, ownership by state: State Constitution Art. 17.
Waterways: Title 91 RCW.
Wood debrisRemoval from navigable waters: Chapter 76.42 RCW.