Chapter 84.69 RCW



HTMLPDF 84.69.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 84.69.020Grounds for refundsDeterminationPaymentReport.
HTMLPDF 84.69.030RefundsProcedureWhen claim for an order required.
HTMLPDF 84.69.040Refunds may include amounts paid to state, and county and taxing district taxes.
HTMLPDF 84.69.050Refund with respect to amounts paid state.
HTMLPDF 84.69.060Refunds with respect to county, state, and taxing district taxes.
HTMLPDF 84.69.070Refunds with respect to taxing districtsAdministrative expensesDisposition of funds upon expiration of refund orders.
HTMLPDF 84.69.080Refunds with respect to taxing districtsNot to be paid from county funds.
HTMLPDF 84.69.090To whom refund may be paid.
HTMLPDF 84.69.100Refunds shall include interestWritten protests not requiredRate of interest.
HTMLPDF 84.69.110Expiration date of refund orders.
HTMLPDF 84.69.120Action on rejected claimTime for commencement.
HTMLPDF 84.69.130Claim prerequisite to actionRecovery limited to ground asserted.
HTMLPDF 84.69.140Interest shall be allowed on amount recovered.
HTMLPDF 84.69.150Refunds within sixty days.
HTMLPDF 84.69.160Chapter does not supersede existing law.
HTMLPDF 84.69.170Payment under protest not required.
HTMLPDF 84.69.180Property tax authority for funding refunds and abatements.