Chapter 84.64 RCW



HTMLPDF 84.64.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 84.64.040Prosecuting attorney to foreclose on request.
HTMLPDF 84.64.050Certificate to countyForeclosureNoticeSale of certain residential property eligible for deferral prohibited.
HTMLPDF 84.64.060Payment by interested person before day of sale.
HTMLPDF 84.64.070Redemption before day of saleRedemption of property of minors and legally incompetent persons.
HTMLPDF 84.64.080Foreclosure proceedingsJudgmentSaleNoticeForm of deedRecording.
HTMLPDF 84.64.120Appellate reviewDeposit.
HTMLPDF 84.64.130Certified copies of records as evidence.
HTMLPDF 84.64.180Deeds as evidenceEstoppel by judgment.
HTMLPDF 84.64.190Certified copy of deed as evidence.
HTMLPDF 84.64.200County as bidder at salePurchaser to pay all delinquent taxes, interest, or costs.
HTMLPDF 84.64.215Deed recording feeTransmittal to county auditor and purchaser.
HTMLPDF 84.64.225Public auction sale by electronic media.