Chapter 84.41 RCW



84.41.010Declaration of policy.
84.41.020Scope of chapter.
84.41.030Revaluation program to be on continuous basisRevaluation scheduleEffect of other proceedings on valuation.
84.41.041Physical inspection and valuation of taxable property requiredAdjustments during intervals based on statistical data.
84.41.050Budget, levy, to provide funds.
84.41.060Assistance by department of revenue at request of assessor.
84.41.070Finding of unsatisfactory progressNoticeDuty of county legislative authority.
84.41.080Contracts for special assistance.
84.41.090Department to establish statistical methodsPublication of rules, regulations, and guidesCompliance required.
84.41.100Assessor may appoint deputies and engage expert appraisers.
84.41.110Appraisers to act in advisory capacity.
84.41.120Assessor to keep recordsOrders of department of revenue, compliance enjoined, remedies.
84.41.130Assessor's annual reports.