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Notice of approval or disapprovalProcedure when approval granted.

(1) The granting authority shall immediately notify the assessor and the applicant of its approval or disapproval which shall in no event be more than six months from the receipt of said application. No land other than farm and agricultural land shall be classified under this chapter until an application in regard thereto has been approved by the appropriate legislative authority.
(2) When the granting authority classifies land under this chapter, it shall file notice of the same with the assessor within ten days. The assessor shall, as to any such land, make a notation each year on the assessment list and the tax roll of the assessed value of such land for the use for which it is classified in addition to the assessed value of such land were it not so classified.
(3) Within ten days following receipt of the notice from the granting authority of classification of such land under this chapter, the assessor shall submit such notice to the county auditor for recording in the place and manner provided for the public recording of state tax liens on real property.
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