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"Personal property."

"Personal property" for the purposes of taxation, shall be held and construed to embrace and include, without especially defining and enumerating it, all goods, chattels, stocks, estates or moneys; all standing timber held or owned separately from the ownership of the land on which it may stand; all fish trap, pound net, reef net, set net and drag seine fishing locations; all leases of real property and leasehold interests therein for a term less than the life of the holder; all improvements upon lands the fee of which is still vested in the United States, or in the state of Washington; all gas and water mains and pipes laid in roads, streets or alleys; and all property of whatsoever kind, name, nature and description, which the law may define or the courts interpret, declare and hold to be personal property for the purpose of taxation and as being subject to the laws and under the jurisdiction of the courts of this state, whether the same be any marine craft, as ships and vessels, or other property holden under the laws and jurisdiction of the courts of this state, be the same at home or abroad: PROVIDED, That mortgages, notes, accounts, certificates of deposit, tax certificates, judgments, state, county, municipal and taxing district bonds and warrants shall not be considered as property for the purpose of this title, and no deduction shall hereafter be made or allowed on account of any indebtedness owed.
[ 1961 c 15 § 84.04.080. Prior: 1925 ex.s. c 130 § 5, part; 1907 c 108 §§ 1, 2; 1907 c 48 § 1, part; 1901 ex.s. c 2 § 1, part; 1897 c 71 § 3, part; 1895 c 176 § 1, part; 1893 c 124 § 3, part; 1891 c 140 § 3, part; 1890 p 530 § 3, part; 1886 p 48 § 2, part; Code 1881 § 2830, part; 1871 p 37 § 1, part; 1869 p 176 § 3, part; 1854 p 332 § 4, part; RRS § 11109, part.]


Fox, mink, marten declared personalty: RCW 16.72.030.
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