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Renewable energy system cost recoveryDefinitions.

The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Administrator" means an owner and assignee of a community solar project as defined in subsection (2)(a)(i) of this section that is responsible for applying for the investment cost recovery incentive on behalf of the other owners and performing such administrative tasks on behalf of the other owners as may be necessary, such as receiving investment cost recovery incentive payments, and allocating and paying appropriate amounts of such payments to the other owners.
(2)(a) "Community solar project" means:
(i) A solar energy system that is capable of generating up to seventy-five kilowatts of electricity and is owned by local individuals, households, nonprofit organizations, or nonutility businesses that is placed on the property owned by a cooperating local governmental entity that is not in the light and power business or in the gas distribution business;
(ii) A utility-owned solar energy system that is capable of generating up to seventy-five kilowatts of electricity and that is voluntarily funded by the utility's ratepayers where, in exchange for their financial support, the utility gives contributors a payment or credit on their utility bill for the value of the electricity produced by the project; or
(iii) A solar energy system, placed on the property owned by a cooperating local governmental entity that is not in the light and power business or in the gas distribution business, that is capable of generating up to seventy-five kilowatts of electricity, and that is owned by a company whose members are each eligible for an investment cost recovery incentive for the same customer-generated electricity as provided in RCW 82.16.120.
(b) For the purposes of "community solar project" as defined in (a) of this subsection:
(i) "Company" means an entity that is:
(A)(I) A limited liability company;
(II) A cooperative formed under chapter 23.86 RCW; or
(III) A mutual corporation or association formed under chapter 24.06 RCW; and
(B) Not a "utility" as defined in this subsection (2)(b); and
(ii) "Nonprofit organization" means an organization exempt from taxation under 26 U.S.C. Sec. 501(c)(3) of the federal internal revenue code of 1986, as amended, as of January 1, 2009; and
(iii) "Utility" means a light and power business, an electric cooperative, or a mutual corporation that provides electricity service.
(3) "Customer-generated electricity" means a community solar project or the alternating current electricity that is generated from a renewable energy system located in Washington and installed on an individual's, businesses', or local government's real property that is also provided electricity generated by a light and power business. Except for community solar projects, a system located on a leasehold interest does not qualify under this definition. Except for utility-owned community solar projects, "customer-generated electricity" does not include electricity generated by a light and power business with greater than one thousand megawatt-hours of annual sales or a gas distribution business.
(4) "Economic development kilowatt-hour" means the actual kilowatt-hour measurement of customer-generated electricity multiplied by the appropriate economic development factor.
(5) "Local governmental entity" means any unit of local government of this state including, but not limited to, counties, cities, towns, municipal corporations, quasi-municipal corporations, special purpose districts, and school districts.
(6) "Photovoltaic cell" means a device that converts light directly into electricity without moving parts.
(7) "Renewable energy system" means a solar energy system, an anaerobic digester as defined in RCW 82.08.900, or a wind generator used for producing electricity.
(8) "Solar energy system" means any device or combination of devices or elements that rely upon direct sunlight as an energy source for use in the generation of electricity.
(9) "Solar inverter" means the device used to convert direct current to alternating current in a solar energy system.
(10) "Solar module" means the smallest nondivisible self-contained physical structure housing interconnected photovoltaic cells and providing a single direct current electrical output.
(11) "Stirling converter" means a device that produces electricity by converting heat from a solar source utilizing a stirling engine.


Effective date2010 c 106: See note following RCW 35.102.145.
Effective date2009 c 469: See note following RCW 82.08.962.
FindingsIntent2005 c 300: "The legislature finds that the use of renewable energy resources generated from local sources such as solar and wind power benefit our state by reducing the load on the state's electric energy grid, by providing nonpolluting sources of electricity generation, and by the creation of jobs for local industries that develop and sell renewable energy products and technologies.
The legislature finds that Washington state has become a national and international leader in the technologies related to the solar electric markets. The state can support these industries by providing incentives for the purchase of locally made renewable energy products. Locally made renewable technologies benefit and protect the state's environment. The legislature also finds that the state's economy can be enhanced through the creation of incentives to develop additional renewable energy industries in the state.
The legislature intends to provide incentives for the greater use of locally created renewable energy technologies, support and retain existing local industries, and create new opportunities for renewable energy industries to develop in Washington state." [ 2005 c 300 § 1.]
Effective date2005 c 300: "This act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and takes effect July 1, 2005." [ 2005 c 300 § 8.]
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