Chapter 82.03 RCW



HTMLPDF 82.03.010Board created.
HTMLPDF 82.03.020MembersNumberQualificationsAppointment.
HTMLPDF 82.03.030TermsVacancies.
HTMLPDF 82.03.040Removal of membersGroundsProcedure.
HTMLPDF 82.03.050Operation on full-time basisSalaryCompensationTravel expenses.
HTMLPDF 82.03.060Members not to be candidate or hold public office, engage in inconsistent occupation nor be on political committeeRestriction on leaving board.
HTMLPDF 82.03.070Executive director, tax referees, clerk, assistants.
HTMLPDF 82.03.080Chair.
HTMLPDF 82.03.090Office of boardQuorumHearings.
HTMLPDF 82.03.100Findings and decisionsSigningFilingPublic inspection.
HTMLPDF 82.03.110Publication of findings and decisions.
HTMLPDF 82.03.120Journal of final findings and decisions.
HTMLPDF 82.03.130Appeals to boardJurisdiction as to types of appealsFiling.
HTMLPDF 82.03.140Appeals to boardElection of formal or informal hearing.
HTMLPDF 82.03.150Appeals to boardInformal hearings, powers of board or tax refereesAssistance.
HTMLPDF 82.03.160Appeals to boardFormal hearings, powers of board or tax refereesAssistance.
HTMLPDF 82.03.170Rules of practice and procedure.
HTMLPDF 82.03.180Judicial review.
HTMLPDF 82.03.190Appeal to board from denial of petition or notice of determination as to reduction or refundProcedureNotice.
HTMLPDF 82.03.200Appeals from county board of equalizationEvidence submission in advance of hearing.


Limitation on increase in property value in appeals to board of tax appeals from county board of equalization: RCW 84.08.060.
Review of sale price established for certain shorelands: RCW 79.125.450.