Chapter 81.80 RCW



81.80.020Declaration of policy.
81.80.040Exempt vehicles.
81.80.045ExemptionFreight consolidators.
81.80.050Compliance required.
81.80.060Combination of services.
81.80.070Common carriers, contract carriers, and temporary carriersPermit required.
81.80.075Household goods carriersPermit required, penalty, cease and desist orders.
81.80.080Application for permit.
81.80.090Form of applicationFiling fees.
81.80.100Form and contents of permit.
81.80.110Limitation on renewal of application.
81.80.115Fees imposed under this chapterProcedure for contestingRules.
81.80.120Classification of carriers.
81.80.130Regulatory power over common carriers.
81.80.132Common carriersEstimate of charges for household goodsPenalty.
81.80.140Regulatory power over contract carriers.
81.80.150Tariffs to be compiled and sold.
81.80.170Temporary permits.
81.80.190Insurance or deposit of security required.
81.80.195Liability insurance requirements exclusive.
81.80.200Conditions may be attached to permits.
81.80.211Hours of operatorsRules and regulations.
81.80.220Tariff rates to be charged.
81.80.230Penalty for rebating, etc.Procedure for collection.
81.80.250Bond to protect shippers and consignees.
81.80.260Operation in more than one class.
81.80.270PermitsAcquisition of carrier holding permitCommission approvalDuties on cessation of operation.
81.80.272Transfer of decedent's interestTemporary continuance of operations.
81.80.280Cancellation, suspension, and alteration of permitsNotice by household goods carriers.
81.80.290Rules and regulations.
81.80.305Markings requiredExemptions.
81.80.321Regulatory feeBased on gross incomeLegislative intentDelinquent fee paymentsPublic service revolving fund.
81.80.330Enforcement of chapter.
81.80.345VenueHearings on applications.
81.80.355Unlawful advertisingPenalty.
81.80.357AdvertisingHousehold goodsPermit number requiredPenalty.
81.80.360ProcedurePenaltiesGeneral statute invoked.
81.80.370Application to interstate and foreign commerce.
81.80.371Federal authority and registration for compensatory services.
81.80.372Rights or privileges for compensatory services.
81.80.430Brokers and forwarders.
81.80.470Recyclable materials collection and transportationConstruction.
81.80.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Reciprocal or proportional registration of vehicles: Chapter 46.85 RCW.
Taxation of motor carriers of freight for hireAllocation of gross receipts: RCW 35.21.840.