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Chapter 81.70 RCW


(Formerly: Passenger charter carriers)


HTMLPDF 81.70.010Business affected with the public interestDeclaration of purpose.
HTMLPDF 81.70.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 81.70.030Exclusions.
HTMLPDF 81.70.220Certificate or registration requiredPenalty.
HTMLPDF 81.70.230CertificatesApplication, issuance.
HTMLPDF 81.70.240CertificatesTransfer restricted.
HTMLPDF 81.70.250CertificatesGrounds for cancellation.
HTMLPDF 81.70.260Unlawful operation after certificate or registration canceled, etc.Penalty.
HTMLPDF 81.70.270Scope of regulation.
HTMLPDF 81.70.280Insurance or bond for liability and property damage.
HTMLPDF 81.70.290Self-insurers exempt as to insurance or bond.
HTMLPDF 81.70.310Application of Title 81 RCW.
HTMLPDF 81.70.320FeesAmounts, deposit.
HTMLPDF 81.70.330Vehicle identification.
HTMLPDF 81.70.340Application to interstate or foreign carriers.
HTMLPDF 81.70.350Annual regulatory feeDelinquent fee payments.
HTMLPDF 81.70.360Excursion service companiesCertificate.
HTMLPDF 81.70.370Federal authority and registration for compensatory services.
HTMLPDF 81.70.380Party busesAlcohol consumption requirements, penalty.
HTMLPDF 81.70.390Passenger smoking on board prohibited.