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*** CHANGE IN 2022 *** (SEE 1812-S2.SL) ***
The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Alternative energy resource" includes energy facilities of the following types: (a) Wind; (b) solar energy; (c) geothermal energy; (d) landfill gas; (e) wave or tidal action; or (f) biomass energy based on solid organic fuels from wood, forest, or field residues, or dedicated energy crops that do not include wood pieces that have been treated with chemical preservatives such as creosote, pentachlorophenol, or copper-chrome-arsenic.
(2) "Applicant" means any person who makes application for a site certification pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
(3) "Application" means any request for approval of a particular site or sites filed in accordance with the procedures established pursuant to this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires.
(4) "Associated facilities" means storage, transmission, handling, or other related and supporting facilities connecting an energy plant with the existing energy supply, processing, or distribution system, including, but not limited to, communications, controls, mobilizing or maintenance equipment, instrumentation, and other types of ancillary transmission equipment, off-line storage or venting required for efficient operation or safety of the transmission system and overhead, and surface or subsurface lines of physical access for the inspection, maintenance, and safe operations of the transmission facility and new transmission lines constructed to operate at nominal voltages of at least 115,000 volts to connect a thermal power plant or alternative energy facilities to the northwest power grid. However, common carrier railroads or motor vehicles shall not be included.
(5) "Biofuel" means a liquid or gaseous fuel derived from organic matter intended for use as a transportation fuel including, but not limited to, biodiesel, renewable diesel, ethanol, renewable natural gas, and renewable propane.
(6) "Certification" means a binding agreement between an applicant and the state which shall embody compliance to the siting guidelines, in effect as of the date of certification, which have been adopted pursuant to RCW 80.50.040 as now or hereafter amended as conditions to be met prior to or concurrent with the construction or operation of any energy facility.
(7) "Construction" means on-site improvements, excluding exploratory work, which cost in excess of two hundred fifty thousand dollars.
(8) "Council" means the energy facility site evaluation council created by RCW 80.50.030.
(9) "Counsel for the environment" means an assistant attorney general or a special assistant attorney general who shall represent the public in accordance with RCW 80.50.080.
(10) "Electrical transmission facilities" means electrical power lines and related equipment.
(11) "Energy facility" means an energy plant or transmission facilities: PROVIDED, That the following are excluded from the provisions of this chapter:
(a) Facilities for the extraction, conversion, transmission or storage of water, other than water specifically consumed or discharged by energy production or conversion for energy purposes; and
(b) Facilities operated by and for the armed services for military purposes or by other federal authority for the national defense.
(12) "Energy plant" means the following facilities together with their associated facilities:
(a) Any nuclear power facility where the primary purpose is to produce and sell electricity;
(b) Any nonnuclear stationary thermal power plant with generating capacity of three hundred fifty thousand kilowatts or more, measured using maximum continuous electric generating capacity, less minimum auxiliary load, at average ambient temperature and pressure, and floating thermal power plants of one hundred thousand kilowatts or more suspended on the surface of water by means of a barge, vessel, or other floating platform;
(c) Facilities which will have the capacity to receive liquefied natural gas in the equivalent of more than one hundred million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day, which has been transported over marine waters;
(d) Facilities which will have the capacity to receive more than an average of fifty thousand barrels per day of crude or refined petroleum or liquefied petroleum gas which has been or will be transported over marine waters, except that the provisions of this chapter shall not apply to storage facilities unless occasioned by such new facility construction;
(e) Any underground reservoir for receipt and storage of natural gas as defined in RCW 80.40.010 capable of delivering an average of more than one hundred million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day;
(f) Facilities capable of processing more than twenty-five thousand barrels per day of petroleum or biofuel into refined products except where such biofuel production is undertaken at existing industrial facilities; and
(g) Facilities capable of producing more than one thousand five hundred barrels per day of refined biofuel but less than twenty-five thousand barrels of refined biofuel.
(13) "Independent consultants" means those persons who have no financial interest in the applicant's proposals and who are retained by the council to evaluate the applicant's proposals, supporting studies, or to conduct additional studies.
(14) "Land use plan" means a comprehensive plan or land use element thereof adopted by a unit of local government pursuant to chapter 35.63, 35A.63, 36.70, or 36.70A RCW, or as otherwise designated by chapter 325, Laws of 2007.
(15) "Person" means an individual, partnership, joint venture, private or public corporation, association, firm, public service company, political subdivision, municipal corporation, government agency, public utility district, or any other entity, public or private, however organized.
(16) "Preapplicant" means a person considering applying for a site certificate agreement for any transmission facility.
(17) "Preapplication process" means the process which is initiated by written correspondence from the preapplicant to the council, and includes the process adopted by the council for consulting with the preapplicant and with cities, towns, and counties prior to accepting applications for all transmission facilities.
(18) "Secretary" means the secretary of the United States department of energy.
(19) "Site" means any proposed or approved location of an energy facility, alternative energy resource, or electrical transmission facility.
(20) "Thermal power plant" means, for the purpose of certification, any electrical generating facility using any fuel for distribution of electricity by electric utilities.
(21) "Transmission facility" means any of the following together with their associated facilities:
(a) Crude or refined petroleum or liquid petroleum product transmission pipeline of the following dimensions: A pipeline larger than six inches minimum inside diameter between valves for the transmission of these products with a total length of at least fifteen miles;
(b) Natural gas, synthetic fuel gas, or liquefied petroleum gas transmission pipeline of the following dimensions: A pipeline larger than fourteen inches minimum inside diameter between valves, for the transmission of these products, with a total length of at least fifteen miles for the purpose of delivering gas to a distribution facility, except an interstate natural gas pipeline regulated by the United States federal power commission.
(22) "Zoning ordinance" means an ordinance of a unit of local government regulating the use of land and adopted pursuant to chapter 35.63, 35A.63, 36.70, or 36.70A RCW or Article XI of the state Constitution, or as otherwise designated by chapter 325, Laws of 2007.


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