Chapter 80.36 RCW



80.36.010Eminent domain.
80.36.020Right of entry.
80.36.030Extent of appropriation.
80.36.040Use of road, street, and railroad right-of-wayWhen consent of city necessary.
80.36.050Use of railroad right-of-wayPenalty for refusal by railroad.
80.36.060Liability for wilful injury to telecommunications property.
80.36.070Liability for negligent injury to propertyNotice of underwater cable.
80.36.080Rates, services, and facilities.
80.36.090Service to be furnished on demand.
80.36.100Tariff schedules to be filed and open to publicExceptions.
80.36.110Tariff changesStatutory noticeExceptionWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
80.36.120Joint rates, contracts, etc.
80.36.130Published rates to be chargedExceptions.
80.36.135Alternative regulation of telecommunications companiesWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
80.36.140Rates and services fixed by commission, when.
80.36.145Formal investigation and fact-findingAlternative to full adjudicative proceedingWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
80.36.150Contracts filed with commission.
80.36.160Physical connections may be ordered, routing prescribed, and joint rates established.
80.36.170Unreasonable preference prohibited.
80.36.180Rate discrimination prohibited.
80.36.183Discounted message toll rates prohibitedAvailability of statewide, averaged toll rates.
80.36.186Pricing of or access to noncompetitive servicesUnreasonable preference or advantage prohibited.
80.36.190Long and short distance provision.
80.36.195Telecommunications relay systemLong distance discount rates.
80.36.200Transmission of messages of other lines.
80.36.210Order of sending messages.
80.36.220Duty to transmit messagesPenalty for refusal or neglect.
80.36.225Pay telephonesCalls to operator without charge or coin insertion to be provided.
80.36.230Exchange areas for telecommunications companies.
80.36.240Exchange areas for telephone companiesProcedure to establish.
80.36.250Commission may complain of interstate rates.
80.36.260Betterments may be ordered.
80.36.270Effect on existing contracts.
80.36.300Policy declaration.
80.36.310Classification as competitive telecommunications companies, servicesInitiation of proceedingsNotice and publicationEffective dateDate for final order.
80.36.320Classification as competitive telecommunications companies, servicesFactors consideredMinimal regulationReclassificationWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
80.36.330Classification as competitive telecommunications companies, servicesEffective competition definedMinimal regulationPrices and ratesReclassificationWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
80.36.332Noncompetitive telecommunications companies, servicesMinimal regulation.
80.36.333Price lists in effect before June 7, 2006Extension.
80.36.338Withdrawal of price listCustomer information, opportunity to accept changes in rates, terms, or conditionsCancellation period.
80.36.340Banded rates.
80.36.350Registration of new companiesWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
80.36.360Exempted actions or transactions.
80.36.370Certain services not regulated.
80.36.375Personal wireless servicesSiting microcells, minor facilities, or a small cell networkDefinitions.
80.36.390Telephone solicitation.
80.36.400Automatic dialing and announcing deviceCommercial solicitation by.
80.36.410Washington telephone assistance programFindings.
80.36.420Washington telephone assistance programAvailability, components.
80.36.430Washington telephone assistance programExcise taxExpenses of community service voice mail.
80.36.440Washington telephone assistance programRules.
80.36.450Washington telephone assistance programLimitation.
80.36.460Washington telephone assistance programDeposit waivers, connection fee discounts.
80.36.470Washington telephone assistance programEligibility.
80.36.500Information delivery services through exclusive number prefix or service access code.
80.36.510Legislative finding.
80.36.520Disclosure of alternate operator services.
80.36.522Alternate operator service companiesRegistrationPenalties.
80.36.524Alternate operator service companiesRules.
80.36.530Violation of consumer protection actDamages.
80.36.540Telefacsimile messagesUnsolicited transmissionPenalties.
80.36.555Enhanced 911 serviceResidential service required.
80.36.560Enhanced 911 serviceBusiness service required.
80.36.570Law enforcementRequests for call location informationRequirements.
80.36.610Universal service programAuthority of commissionRulesFees.
80.36.630State universal communications services programDefinitions.
80.36.650State universal communications services programEstablished.
80.36.660State universal communications services programRules.
80.36.670State universal communications services programPenalties.
80.36.680State universal communications services programAdministration.
80.36.690State universal communications services programAccount created.
80.36.700State universal communications services programProgram expiration.
80.36.850Extended area service defined.
80.36.855Extended area service program.


Arrest by telegraph, validity of telegraphic copy: RCW 10.31.060.
Bills and notes drawn by telegraph, preservation of original: RCW 5.52.040.
Divulging telegraph message: RCW 9.73.010.
Telegraph and telephone companies: State Constitution Art. 12 § 19.
Telegraph communications, generally: Chapter 5.52 RCW.
Use of slugs to operate coin telephones: RCW 9.26A.120.