Title 8 RCW

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8.04Eminent domain by state.
8.08Eminent domain by counties.
8.12Eminent domain by cities.
8.16Eminent domain by school districts.
8.20Eminent domain by corporations.
8.24Private ways of necessity.
8.25Additional provisions applicable to eminent domain proceedings.
8.26Relocation assistanceReal property acquisition policy.
8.28Miscellaneous provisions.


Access to state timber and other valuable material: RCW 79.36.310 through 79.36.340.
Assessments against public lands: RCW 79.44.140.
Cemetery districts: RCW 68.52.200.
Community renewal law: RCW 35.81.080.
Diking and drainage districts
appropriation of lands: RCW 85.05.070, 85.05.230, 85.05.240, 85.06.070.
in two or more counties: RCW 85.24.260 through 85.24.265.
special districts: RCW 85.38.180.
Diking, drainage, and sewerage improvement districts: RCW 85.08.190.
Drainage districts: Chapter 85.06 RCW.
East capitol site: RCW 79.24.520.
Eminent domain
affecting corporations other than municipal: State Constitution Art. 12 s 10.
state Constitution Art. 1 s 16 (Amendment 9).
telegraph and telephone companies: State Constitution Art. 12 s 19.
Existing and additional toll bridges: RCW 47.58.080.
Fire protection districts: Chapters 52.04, 52.12 RCW.
Flood control districts: RCW 86.09.202 through 86.09.223.
Gas companies: RCW 80.28.220, 80.28.230.
Generation of electricity by steam: RCW 43.21A.616.
Highways, acquisition in advance of programmed construction: RCW 47.12.190.
Housing authority: RCW 35.82.070, 35.82.110.
Limited access facilities, acquisition of property for: RCW 47.52.050.
Metropolitan municipal corporations: RCW 35.58.320.
Municipal airports: RCW 14.07.020.
Park and playground systemsCounties, service area: Chapter 36.68 RCW.
Parking commission: RCW 35.86A.080.
Port districts: RCW 53.08.010, 53.08.020, 53.25.100, 53.25.190.
Public hospital districts: RCW 70.44.060.
Public stadium, convention, performing arts, and visual arts facilities: RCW 67.28.140.
Public utility districts: Chapters 54.16, 54.20 RCW.
Public waterways: RCW 91.08.100 through 91.08.260.
Reclamation districts: RCW 89.30.130, 89.30.184 through 89.30.208.
Recreational facilities: RCW 67.20.010.
Regional transport authorities: RCW 81.112.080.
Road improvement districts: RCW 36.88.310.
State board for community and technical colleges: RCW 28B.50.090.
Tax lien, amount withheld from condemnation award: RCW 84.60.050.
Toll bridges: RCW 47.56.090.
Toll roads: RCW 47.56.090.
Underground storage of natural gas: RCW 80.40.030.
Utility district, countywideDistribution properties: RCW 54.32.040.
Valuation: Chapters 84.33, 84.34, 84.36, 84.38 RCW.
Warehouses and elevators: Chapter 22.16 RCW.
Water-sewer districts: Chapter 57.16 RCW.