Chapter 79A.60 RCW



79A.60.020Violations of chapter punishable as misdemeanorCircumstancesViolations designated as civil infractions.
79A.60.030Operation of vessel in a negligent mannerPenalty.
79A.60.040Operation of vessel in a reckless mannerOperation of a vessel under the influence of intoxicating liquor, marijuana, or any drugConsent to breath or blood testPenalty.
79A.60.045Vessel impoundmentProcedureForfeiture.
79A.60.050Homicide by watercraftPenalty.
79A.60.060Assault by watercraftPenalty.
79A.60.080Failure to stop for law enforcement officer.
79A.60.090Eluding a law enforcement vessel.
79A.60.100EnforcementChapter to supplement federal law.
79A.60.110Equipment standardsRulesPenalty.
79A.60.120Tampering with vessel lights or signalsExhibiting false lights or signalsPenalty.
79A.60.130Muffler or underwater exhaust system requiredExemptionsEnforcementPenalty.
79A.60.140Personal flotation devicesInspection and approvalRules.
79A.60.150Failure of vessel to contain safety equipmentOwner/operator may be cited for applicable infraction or crime.
79A.60.160Personal flotation devices requiredPenalty.
79A.60.170Water skiing safetyRequirements.
79A.60.180Loading or powering vessel beyond safe operating abilityPenalties.
79A.60.190Operation of personal watercraftProhibited activitiesPenalties.
79A.60.200Duty of operator involved in collision, accident, or other casualtyImmunity from liability of persons rendering assistancePenalties.
79A.60.210Casualty and accident reportsConfidentialityUse as evidence.
79A.60.220Boating accident reports by local government agenciesInvestigationReport of coroner.
79A.60.230Vessels adriftOwner to be notified.
79A.60.250Posting of notice.
79A.60.260CompensationLiability on failure to give notice.
79A.60.270Disputed claimsTrialBond.
79A.60.280Liability for excessive or negligent use.
79A.60.290Unclaimed vesselProcedure.
79A.60.300Vessels secured pursuant to chapter 79A.65 RCW.
79A.60.400Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversPurpose.
79A.60.410Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversWhitewater river outfitter's license required.
79A.60.420Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversConduct constituting misdemeanor.
79A.60.430Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversSafety requirements.
79A.60.440Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversOperation of vesselExemptions.
79A.60.450Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversUse of alcohol prohibitedVessel to be accompanied by vessel with licensed outfitter.
79A.60.460Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversRights-of-way.
79A.60.470Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversDesignation of whitewater river sections.
79A.60.480Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversWhitewater river outfitter's licenseApplicationFeesInsurancePenaltiesState immune from civil actions arising from licensure.
79A.60.485Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversRules to implement RCW 79A.60.480Fees.
79A.60.490Vessels carrying passengers for hire on whitewater riversLicense sanction for certain convictions.
79A.60.495Designation as whitewater riverRulesSchedule of fines.
79A.60.498Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
79A.60.500Uniform waterway marking system.
79A.60.510FindingsSewage disposal initiative establishedBoater environmental educationWaterway access facilities.
79A.60.520Identification and designation of polluted and environmentally sensitive areas.
79A.60.530Designation of marinas, boat launches, or boater destinations for installation of sewage pumpout or dump units.
79A.60.540Contracts for financial assistanceOwnership of sewage pumpout or dump unitOngoing costs.
79A.60.550Development by department of ecology of design, installation, and operation of sewage pumpout and dump unitsRules.
79A.60.560Boater environmental education program.
79A.60.570Grants for environmental education or boat waste management planning.
79A.60.580Review of programs by commission.
79A.60.590Allocation of funds.
79A.60.595Commission to adopt rules.
79A.60.600Liquid petroleum gas leak warning devicesFindings.
79A.60.610Recreational boating fire prevention education program.
79A.60.620Small spill prevention education program.
79A.60.630Boating safety educationCommission's dutiesFeeReport to the legislature.
79A.60.640Requirements to operate motor-driven boats/vesselsExemptionsPenalty.
79A.60.650Boating safety education certification account.
79A.60.660Operating motor-driven boat or vessel for teak surfing, platform dragging, bodysurfingProhibitionExceptionsPenalty.
79A.60.670Boating activities programBoating activities advisory committeeAdoption of rules.
79A.60.680Study of boater needsFunding recommendations.
79A.60.690Boating activities account.
79A.60.700Refusal to submit to certain testsNot admissible as evidencePenalty.
79A.60.710Vessels for hireRequirementsApplication of sectionPenalty.