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Procedure to re-lease harbor areas.

Upon completion of the valuation of any tract of harbor area applied for under RCW 79.115.120, the department shall notify the applicant of the terms and conditions upon which the re-lease will be granted and of the rental fixed. The applicant or the applicant's successor in interest shall have the option for the period of sixty days from the date of the service of notice in which to accept a lease on the terms and conditions and at the rental so fixed and determined by the department. If the terms and conditions and rental are accepted a new lease shall be granted for the term applied for. If the terms and conditions are not accepted by the applicant within the period of time, or within such further time, not exceeding three months, as the department shall grant, the lease shall be deemed rejected by the applicant, and the department shall give eight weeks' notice by publication once a week in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the county in which the harbor area is located, that a lease of the harbor area will be sold on the terms and conditions and at the rental, at a time and place specified in the notice (which shall not be more than three months from the date of the first publication of the notice) to the person offering at the public sale to pay the highest sum as a cash bonus at the time of sale of the lease. Notice of the sale shall be served upon the applicant at least six weeks prior to the date of sale. The person paying the highest sum as a cash bonus shall be entitled to lease the harbor area. However, if the lease is not sold at the public sale the department may at any time or times again fix the terms, conditions, and rental, and again advertise the lease for sale as provided in this section and upon similar notice. Further, upon failure to secure any sale of the lease as prescribed in this section, the department may issue revocable leases without requirement of improvements for one year periods at a minimum rate of two percent.
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