Chapter 78.56 RCW



78.56.030Operations subject to this chapter and other requirements.
78.56.040Disclosures required with state environmental policy act checklistPublic inspection of information.
78.56.050Environmental impact statement requiredMitigation measures to be part of permit requirementsDepartment of ecology to cooperate with affected local governments.
78.56.060Metals mining coordinator to be appointedDuties.
78.56.070Quarterly inspections by responsible state agencies requiredCross-training and coordination of inspections encouraged.
78.56.080Estimate of costs by department of ecology and department of natural resourcesFee on operations to be established by department of ecology.
78.56.090Initial waste discharge permits for tailings facilitiesSiting criteriaPrimary screening processTechnical site investigationSite selection report.
78.56.100Waste discharge permits for metals mining and milling operations tailing facilitiesPollution control standardsWaste rock management planCitizen observation and verification of water samplesVoluntary reduction planApplication of this section.
78.56.110Performance security requiredConditionsDepartment of ecology authority to adopt requirementsLiability under performance security.
78.56.120Remediation or mitigation by department of ecologyOrder to submit performance security.
78.56.130Legislative findingImpact analysis required for large-scale operationsImpact fees by county legislative authorityApplication of this sectionApplication of chapter 82.02 RCW.
78.56.140Citizen action suits.
78.56.150Application of requirements to milling facilities not adjacent to mining operation.
78.56.160Moratorium on use of heap leach extraction processJoint review by department of ecology and department of natural resourcesPermanent prohibition of in situ extraction.
78.56.901Effective date1994 c 232 §§ 1-5, 9-17, and 23-29.
78.56.902Effective date1994 c 232 §§ 6-8 and 18-22.