Chapter 77.65 RCW



HTMLPDF 77.65.010Required licensesExemption.
HTMLPDF 77.65.020Transfer of licensesRestrictionsFeesInheritability.
HTMLPDF 77.65.030Commercial licenses and permitsApplication deadlineException.
HTMLPDF 77.65.040Commercial licensesQualificationsLimited-entry licenseNonsalmon delivery license.
HTMLPDF 77.65.050Application for commercial licenses and permitsReplacement.
HTMLPDF 77.65.060No commercial fishery during yearLicense requirement waived or license fees refunded.
HTMLPDF 77.65.070Licensees subject to statute and rulesExpiration and renewal of licenses.
HTMLPDF 77.65.080License suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
HTMLPDF 77.65.090Vessel substitutionFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.100Vessel designation.
HTMLPDF 77.65.110Alternate operator designationFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.120Sale or delivery of fish or shellfish by fishery license holder and alternate operatorsConditionsLicense with a limited fish seller endorsement.
HTMLPDF 77.65.130Vessel operationLicense designationAlternate operator license required.
HTMLPDF 77.65.140Alternate operatorsIncrease for certain licenses.
HTMLPDF 77.65.150Licenses and permitsFees"Charter boat" definedOregon charter boatsSalmon charter license renewal.
HTMLPDF 77.65.160Commercial salmon fishery licensesGear and geographic designationsFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.170Salmon delivery licenseFeesRestrictionsRevocation.
HTMLPDF 77.65.180Oregon, California harvested salmonLanding in Washington ports encouraged.
HTMLPDF 77.65.190Emergency salmon delivery licenseFeesNontransferable, nonrenewable.
HTMLPDF 77.65.200Commercial fishery licenses for food fish fisheriesFeesRules for species, gear, and areas.
HTMLPDF 77.65.210Nonlimited entry delivery licenseExceptionsFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.220Commercial fishery licenses for shellfish fisheriesFeesRules for species, gear, and areas.
HTMLPDF 77.65.240Surcharge on Dungeness crab-coastal fishery license.
HTMLPDF 77.65.250Hardshell clam mechanical harvester fishery license.
HTMLPDF 77.65.260State oyster reservesOyster reserve fishery license.
HTMLPDF 77.65.270Oyster cultch permit.
HTMLPDF 77.65.280Fish dealer licenseExemptionFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.310Wholesale fish buyers and limited fish sellersDocumentation of commercial harvest.
HTMLPDF 77.65.320Wholesale fish buyers/limited fish sellerPerformance bond.
HTMLPDF 77.65.330Wholesale fish buyer/limited fish sellerNotification by director of a violation of rules relating to the accounting of commercial harvestPayment of liability.
HTMLPDF 77.65.340Wholesale fish buyer endorsementFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.350Salmon roeSale by crewmember on a boat designated on a salmon charter licenseRequirements.
HTMLPDF 77.65.370Food fish guide licenseGame fish guide license.
HTMLPDF 77.65.380Ocean pink shrimpDefined.
HTMLPDF 77.65.390Ocean pink shrimpDelivery licenseFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.400Emerging commercial fisheryTrial or experimental fisheryLicenses and permits.
HTMLPDF 77.65.410Geoduck diver licenseFeeExpirationSafety program.
HTMLPDF 77.65.420Wild salmonid policyEstablishment.
HTMLPDF 77.65.430Wild salmonid policyManagement strategies and gear types.
HTMLPDF 77.65.440Alternate operatorGeoduck diverFood fish guideFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.450Trapper's licenseFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.460Trapper's licenseTraining program or examination requisite for issuance to initial licensee.
HTMLPDF 77.65.480Taxidermist, fur dealer, game fish guide, and game farmLicensesFeesGame fish stocking permitFeesFishing or field trial permitFees.
HTMLPDF 77.65.490Activities requiring license/permit.
HTMLPDF 77.65.500Reports required from persons with licenses or permits under RCW 77.65.480.
HTMLPDF 77.65.510Limited fish seller endorsementFood safety requirementsFeesOther provisions.
HTMLPDF 77.65.530Washington-coastal spot shrimp pot fishery license.
HTMLPDF 77.65.550Revocation of geoduck diver license.
HTMLPDF 77.65.560Application for food fish guide license/game fish guide licenseRequired information.
HTMLPDF 77.65.570Suspension of charter boat, food fish guide, or game fish guide licenseAppeal.
HTMLPDF 77.65.580Vessel registration number decal and identifying decal for food fish guides, game fish guides, and charter boat operators.
HTMLPDF 77.65.590Fish guide combination licenseRule makingFee.
HTMLPDF 77.65.600Return of certain licenses upon termination of employment relationship.
HTMLPDF 77.65.610Crewmember licenseRequirementsRule makingFeeExemptions.
HTMLPDF 77.65.615Commercial whale watching business licenseCommercial whale watching operator licensePaddle tour business licensePaddle guide licenseFeesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 77.65.620Commercial whale watching licenseAdoption of rulesAnalysis and report to the governor and the legislatureDefinitions.