Chapter 77.36 RCW



77.36.030Trapping or killing wildlife threatening human safety or causing property damageLimitations and conditionsRules.
77.36.070Limit on total claims from the fish, wildlife, and conservation account per fiscal year.
77.36.080Limit on total claims from general fund per fiscal yearEmergency exceptions.
77.36.100Payment of claims for damage to commercial crops or livestockNoncash compensationOffer of materials or services to offset or prevent wildlife interactionsAppeal of decisionsAdoption of rules.
77.36.110Eligibility for compensation under this chapterAdoption of rules.
77.36.120Department's duties.
77.36.130Limit on cash compensationBurden of proof.
77.36.140Chapter represents exclusive remedy.
77.36.160Request for relocating beaver.
77.36.170Limit on amount paid for injury or loss of livestock caused by wolvesExceptions.
77.36.180Wolf-livestock conflict account.
77.36.200Wolf-livestock conflictStaff resources in Ferry and Stevens counties.