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Engaging in wildlife rehabilitation without a permit—Penalty.

(1)(a) A person is guilty of engaging in wildlife rehabilitation without a permit if the person captures, transports, treats, feeds, houses, conditions, or trains injured, diseased, oiled, or abandoned wildlife without department authority for temporary actions or a wildlife rehabilitation permit issued by the department.
(b) The department must adopt rules for permissible temporary actions that include, at a minimum, the conditions under which a person may capture or transport wildlife to a primary permittee, subpermittee, or a rehabilitation facility.
(2) A person who is a primary permittee or subpermittee on a wildlife rehabilitation permit issued by the department is guilty of unlawful use of a wildlife rehabilitation permit if the person violates any permit provisions or department rules pertaining to wildlife rehabilitation other than those addressing recordkeeping and reporting requirements.
(3) A violation of this section is a misdemeanor.
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