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Expedited foster licensing process.

(1) The department shall design and implement an expedited foster licensing process.
(2) The expedited foster licensing process described in this section shall be available to individuals who:
(a) Were licensed within the last five years;
(b) Were not the subject of an adverse licensing action or a voluntary relinquishment;
(c) Seek licensure for the same residence for which he or she was previously licensed provided that any changes to family constellation since the previous license is limited to individuals leaving the family constellation; and
(d) Apply to the same agency for which he or she was previously licensed, with the understanding that the agency must be agreeable to supervise the home.
(3) The department shall make every effort to ensure that individuals qualifying for and seeking an expedited license are able to become licensed within forty days of the department receiving his or her application.
(4) The department shall only issue a foster license pursuant to this section after receiving a completed fingerprint-based background check, and may delay issuance of an expedited license solely based on awaiting the results of a background check.
(5) The department may issue a provisional expedited license pursuant to this section before completing a home study, but shall complete the home study as soon as possible after issuing a provisional expedited license.
(6) The department and its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers are not liable for injuries caused by the expedited foster licensing process.


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