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Chapter 74.14C RCW



HTMLPDF 74.14C.005Findings and intent.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.020Preservation services.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.030Department duties.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.032Preservation services contracts.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.040Intensive family preservation servicesEligibility criteria.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.042Family preservation servicesEligibility criteria.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.060Funds, volunteer services.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.065Federal funds.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.090Reports on referrals and services.
HTMLPDF 74.14C.100Training and consultation for department personnelTraining for judges and service providers.