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Suspension of paymentsNeed lapseImprisonmentConviction under RCW 74.08.331.

The department is hereby authorized to suspend temporarily the public assistance granted to any person for any period during which such person is not in need thereof.
If a recipient is convicted of any crime or offense, and punished by imprisonment, no payment shall be made during the period of imprisonment.
If a recipient is convicted of unlawful practices under RCW 74.08.331, no payment shall be made for a period to be determined by the court, but in no event less than six months upon the first conviction and no less than twelve months for a second or subsequent violation. This suspension of public assistance shall apply regardless of whether the recipient is subject to complete or partial confinement upon conviction, or incurs some lesser penalty.


Finding1995 c 379: "The legislature finds that welfare fraud damages the state's ability to use its limited resources to help those in need who legitimately qualify for assistance. In addition, it affects the credibility and integrity of the system, promoting disdain for the law.
Persons convicted of committing such fraud should be barred, for a period of time, from receiving additional public assistance." [ 1995 c 379 § 1.]
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