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Industrial insuranceApplication to certain inmates.

From and after July 1, 1973, any inmate employed in classes I, II, and IV of correctional industries as defined in RCW 72.09.100 is eligible for industrial insurance benefits as provided by Title 51 RCW. However, eligibility for benefits for either the inmate or the inmate's dependents or beneficiaries for temporary disability or permanent total disability as provided in RCW 51.32.090 or 51.32.060, respectively, shall not take effect until the inmate is released pursuant to an order of parole by the indeterminate sentence review board, or discharged from custody upon expiration of the sentence, or discharged from custody by order of a court of appropriate jurisdiction. Nothing in this section shall be construed to confer eligibility for any industrial insurance benefits to any inmate who is employed in class III or V of correctional industries as defined in RCW 72.09.100.


Effective date1981 c 136: See RCW 72.09.900.
Effective date1972 ex.s. c 40: See note following RCW 72.60.100.
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