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Transfer of funds to department of labor and industries for crime victims' compensation.

Each year the department shall transfer twenty-five percent of the total annual revenues and receipts received in each institutional betterment fund subaccount to the department of labor and industries for the purpose of providing direct benefits to crime victims through the crime victims' compensation program as outlined in chapter 7.68 RCW. This transfer takes priority over any expenditure of betterment funds and shall be reflected on the monthly financial statements of each institution's betterment fund subaccount.
Any funds so transferred to the department of labor and industries shall be in addition to the crime victims' compensation amount provided in an omnibus appropriation bill. It is the intent of the legislature that the funds forecasted or transferred pursuant to this section shall not reduce the funding levels provided by appropriation.


Finding1995 c 234: "The legislature finds that the responsibility for criminal activity should fall squarely on the criminal. To the greatest extent possible society should not be expected to have to pay the price for crimes twice, once for the criminal activity and again by feeding, clothing, and housing the criminal. The corrections system should be the first place criminals are given the opportunity to be responsible for paying for their criminal act, not just through the loss of their personal freedom, but by making financial contributions to alleviate the pain and suffering of victims of crime." [ 1995 c 234 s 1.]
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