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Leaves of absence for inmatesRulesRestrictionsCosts.

The secretary is authorized to make rules and regulations providing for the conditions under which inmates will be granted leaves of absence, and providing for safeguards to prevent escapes while on leave of absence: PROVIDED, That leaves of absence granted to inmates under RCW 72.01.370 shall not allow or permit any inmate to go beyond the boundaries of this state. The secretary shall also make rules and regulations requiring the reimbursement of the state from the inmate granted leave of absence, or his or her family, for the actual costs incurred arising from any leave of absence granted under the authority of RCW 72.01.370, subsections (1) and (2): PROVIDED FURTHER, That no state funds shall be expended in connection with leaves of absence granted under RCW 72.01.370, subsections (1) and (2), unless such inmate and his or her immediate family are indigent and without resources sufficient to reimburse the state for the expenses of such leaves of absence.


Effective date1981 c 136: See RCW 72.09.900.
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