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Chapter 71A.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 71A.20.010Scope of chapter.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.020Residential habilitation centers.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.030Facilities for Interlake School.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.040Use of Harrison Memorial Hospital property.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.050SuperintendentsSecretary's custody of residents.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.060Work programs for residents.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.070Educational programs.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.080Return of resident to communityNoticeAdjudicative proceedingJudicial reviewEffect of appeal.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.090Secretary to determine capacity of residential quarters.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.100Personal property of residentSecretary as custodianLimitationsJudicial proceedings to recover.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.110Clothing for residentsCost.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.120Financial responsibility.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.130Death of resident, payment of funeral expensesLimitation.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.140Resident desiring to leave centerAuthority to hold resident limited.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.150Admission to residential habilitation center for observation.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.170Developmental disabilities community services accountCreationRequired depositsPermitted withdrawalsInvestment of funds.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.180Closure of Yakima Valley SchoolDepartment dutiesContinuation of services.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.800Chapter to be liberally construed.
HTMLPDF 71A.20.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.