Chapter 71A.10 RCW



HTMLPDF 71A.10.010Legislative findingIntent1988 c 176.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.011Intent1995 c 383.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.015Declaration of policy.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.030Civil and parental rights not affected.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.040Protection from discrimination.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.050Appeal of department actionsRight to.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.060Notice by secretary.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.070Secretary's duty to consult.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.080Governor to designate an agency to implement a program for protection and advocacy of the rights of persons with developmental disabilities and mentally ill personsAuthority of designated agencyLiaison with state agencies.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.090Prioritization and transition to minimum wage employment or other services.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.100No-paid services caseloadCase resource management services.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.800Application of Title 71A RCW to matters pending as of June 9, 1988.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.901Saving1988 c 176.
HTMLPDF 71A.10.902Continuation of existing law1988 c 176.