Title 71 RCW

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(Formerly: Mental illness)


71.02Reimbursement of costs for treatment.
71.05Behavioral health disorders.
71.06Sexual psychopaths.
71.09Sexually violent predators.
71.12Private establishments.
71.20Local funds for community services.
71.24Community behavioral health services act.
71.28Interstate contracts.
71.32Mental health advance directives.
71.34Behavioral health services for minors.
71.36Coordination of children's mental health services.
71.40Office of behavioral health consumer advocacy.


Alcoholism, intoxication, and drug addiction treatment: Chapter 70.96 RCW.
Center for research and training in intellectual and developmental disabilities: RCW 28B.20.410 through 28B.20.414.
County hospitals: Chapter 36.62 RCW.
Harrison Memorial Hospital: RCW 72.29.010.
Interstate compact on mental health: Chapter 72.27 RCW.
Jurisdiction over Indians concerning mental illness: Chapter 37.12 RCW.
Mental health: Chapter 72.06 RCW.
Nonresident individuals with mental illness, sexual psychopaths, and psychopathic delinquents: Chapter 72.25 RCW.
State hospitals for individuals with mental illness: Chapter 72.23 RCW.