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Authority of chapterReferences to practices under this chapterApplicable standard of care.

(1) Nothing in this chapter authorizes a physician or any other person to end a patient's life by lethal injection, mercy killing, or active euthanasia. Actions taken in accordance with this chapter do not, for any purpose, constitute suicide, assisted suicide, mercy killing, or homicide, under the law. State reports shall not refer to practice under this chapter as "suicide" or "assisted suicide." Consistent with RCW 70.245.010 (7), (11), and (12), 70.245.020(1), 70.245.040(1)(k), 70.245.060, 70.245.070, 70.245.090, 70.245.120 (1) and (2), 70.245.160 (1) and (2), 70.245.170, 70.245.190(1) (a) and (d), and 70.245.200(2), state reports shall refer to practice under this chapter as obtaining and self-administering life-ending medication.
(2) Nothing contained in this chapter shall be interpreted to lower the applicable standard of care for the attending physician, consulting physician, psychiatrist or psychologist, or other health care provider participating under this chapter.
[ 2009 c 1 § 18 (Initiative Measure No. 1000, approved November 4, 2008).]
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