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Health technology selection and assessment.

(1) The administrator, in consultation with participating agencies and the committee, shall select the health technologies to be reviewed by the committee under RCW 70.14.110. Up to six may be selected for review in the first year after June 7, 2006, and up to eight may be selected in the second year after June 7, 2006. In making the selection, priority shall be given to any technology for which:
(a) There are concerns about its safety, efficacy, or cost-effectiveness, especially relative to existing alternatives, or significant variations in its use;
(b) Actual or expected state expenditures are high, due to demand for the technology, its cost, or both; and
(c) There is adequate evidence available to conduct the complete review.
(2) A health technology for which the committee has made a determination under RCW 70.14.110 shall be considered for rereview at least once every eighteen months, beginning the date the determination is made. The administrator, in consultation with participating agencies and the committee, shall select the technology for rereview if he or she decides that evidence has since become available that could change a previous determination. Upon rereview, consideration shall be given only to evidence made available since the previous determination.
(3) Pursuant to a petition submitted by an interested party, the health technology clinical committee may select health technologies for review that have not otherwise been selected by the administrator under subsection (1) or (2) of this section.
(4) Upon the selection of a health technology for review, the administrator shall contract for a systematic evidence-based assessment of the technology's safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness. The contract shall:
(a) Be with an evidence-based practice center designated as such by the federal agency for health care research and quality, or other appropriate entity;
(b) Require the assessment be initiated no sooner than thirty days after notice of the selection of the health technology for review is posted on the internet under RCW 70.14.130;
(c) Require, in addition to other information considered as part of the assessment, consideration of: (i) Safety, health outcome, and cost data submitted by a participating agency; and (ii) evidence submitted by any interested party; and
(d) Require the assessment to: (i) Give the greatest weight to the evidence determined, based on objective indicators, to be the most valid and reliable, considering the nature and source of the evidence, the empirical characteristic of the studies or trials upon which the evidence is based, and the consistency of the outcome with comparable studies; and (ii) take into account any unique impacts of the technology on specific populations based upon factors such as sex, age, ethnicity, race, or disability.


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