Chapter 70.108 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.108.010Legislative declaration.
HTMLPDF 70.108.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.108.030PermitsRequiredCompliance with rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 70.108.040Application for permitContentsFiling.
HTMLPDF 70.108.050Approval or denial of permitCorrectionsProcedureJudicial review.
HTMLPDF 70.108.060Reimbursement of expenses incurred in reviewing request.
HTMLPDF 70.108.070Cash depositSurety bondInsurance.
HTMLPDF 70.108.080Revocation of permits.
HTMLPDF 70.108.090Drugs prohibited.
HTMLPDF 70.108.100Proximity to schools, churches, homes.
HTMLPDF 70.108.110Age of patrons.
HTMLPDF 70.108.120PermitsPostingTransferability.
HTMLPDF 70.108.130Penalty.
HTMLPDF 70.108.140Inspection of books and records.
HTMLPDF 70.108.150FirearmsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.108.160PreparationsCompletion requirements.
HTMLPDF 70.108.170Local regulations and ordinances not precluded.


Reviser's note: Throughout chapter 70.108 RCW the references to "this act" have been changed to "this chapter." "This act" [1971 ex.s. c 302] consists of this chapter, the 1971 amendments to RCW 9.40.110-9.40.130, 9.41.010, 9.41.070, 26.44.050, 70.74.135, 70.74.270, 70.74.280, and the enactment of RCW 9.27.015 and 9.91.110.