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Provisionally qualified local health officersInterviewEvaluation as to qualification as local public health officer.

Each year, on a date which shall be as near as possible to the anniversary date of appointment as provisional local health officer, the secretary of health or his or her designee shall personally visit such provisional officer's office for a personal review and discussion of the activity, plans, and study being carried on relative to the provisional officer's jurisdictional area: PROVIDED, That the third such interview shall occur three months prior to the end of the three year provisional term. A standardized checklist shall be used for all such interviews, but such checklist shall not constitute a grading sheet or evaluation form for use in the ultimate decision of qualification of the provisional appointee as a public health officer.
Copies of the results of each interview shall be supplied to the provisional officer within two weeks following each such interview.
Following the third such interview, the secretary shall evaluate the provisional local health officer's in-service performance and shall notify such officer by certified mail of his or her decision whether or not to qualify such officer as a local public health officer. Such notice shall be mailed at least sixty days prior to the third anniversary date of provisional appointment. Failure to so mail such notice shall constitute a decision that such provisional officer is qualified.
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