Chapter 7.84 RCW



HTMLPDF 7.84.010Legislative declaration.
HTMLPDF 7.84.020"Infraction" defined.
HTMLPDF 7.84.030Notice of infractionIssuanceAuthorization for detention for a reasonable periodServiceFiling.
HTMLPDF 7.84.040Jurisdiction of courtVenue.
HTMLPDF 7.84.050NoticeDetermination final unless contestedForm.
HTMLPDF 7.84.060Response to noticeContesting determinationMitigating circumstancesHearingFailure to respond or appearPenalty.
HTMLPDF 7.84.070HearingRules of procedureCounsel.
HTMLPDF 7.84.080HearingContesting determination that infraction committedAppeal.
HTMLPDF 7.84.090HearingExplanation of mitigating circumstances.
HTMLPDF 7.84.100Monetary penalties.
HTMLPDF 7.84.110Order of courtCivil natureModification of penaltyCommunity restitution.
HTMLPDF 7.84.120Issuance of process.
HTMLPDF 7.84.130Failure to pay or complete community restitutionPenalty.
HTMLPDF 7.84.140Authority to delegate or accept enforcement authority over natural resource infractions.
HTMLPDF 7.84.900Effective date1987 c 380.


Tree spiking, action for damages: RCW 9.91.155.