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Chapter 7.68 RCW



HTMLPDF 7.68.015Program to be operated within conditions and limitations.
HTMLPDF 7.68.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 7.68.030Duties of the directorGeneral provisionsTestimony by medical providers.
HTMLPDF 7.68.031Sending notices, orders, payments to claimants.
HTMLPDF 7.68.032Transmission of amounts payable.
HTMLPDF 7.68.033Protection of paymentsPayment after deathTime limitations for filingConfinement in institution.
HTMLPDF 7.68.034Direct deposit or electronic payment of benefits.
HTMLPDF 7.68.035Penalty assessments in addition to fine or bail forfeitureDistributionEstablishment of crime victim and witness programs in countyContribution required from cities and towns.
HTMLPDF 7.68.045Crime victims' compensation accountCreated.
HTMLPDF 7.68.047Crime victim and witness assistance account.
HTMLPDF 7.68.050Right of action for damagesElectionEffect of election or recoveryLien of state.
HTMLPDF 7.68.060Applications for benefitsAccrual of rights.
HTMLPDF 7.68.061Who not entitled to compensation.
HTMLPDF 7.68.062Application for compensationTreating provider shall provide assistance.
HTMLPDF 7.68.063Beneficiaries' application for compensation.
HTMLPDF 7.68.064Application for change in compensation.
HTMLPDF 7.68.066Medical examinations required by departmentMedical bureauDisputes.
HTMLPDF 7.68.070BenefitsRight to and amountLimitations.
HTMLPDF 7.68.071Determination of permanent total disability.
HTMLPDF 7.68.072Aggravation, diminution, or termination of disability.
HTMLPDF 7.68.073Reduction in disability compensationRecovery of overpaymentsNoticeWaiverApplicationAdjustments due to federal reductions.
HTMLPDF 7.68.074Compensation for loss of or damage to clothing or footwear.
HTMLPDF 7.68.075Marital statusPayment for or on account of children.
HTMLPDF 7.68.076Proof of contribution made by deceased victim.
HTMLPDF 7.68.077Nonresident alien beneficiary.
HTMLPDF 7.68.080Reimbursement of costs for transportation, medical services, counselingMedical examinationsRegulatory inspection program.
HTMLPDF 7.68.085Cap on medical benefitsAlternative programs.
HTMLPDF 7.68.090Establishment of funds.
HTMLPDF 7.68.092Health care professionals to maintain proper credentials and educational standardsStandards for treatment.
HTMLPDF 7.68.093Medical examinationsDepartment to monitor quality and objectivity.
HTMLPDF 7.68.094Medical examinationsRefusal to submitTravel expensesCompensation for time lost.
HTMLPDF 7.68.095Extent and duration of treatment.
HTMLPDF 7.68.096Medical providersFailure to report or comply as required.
HTMLPDF 7.68.101Duties of attending physician or licensed advanced registered nurse practitionerMedical information.
HTMLPDF 7.68.110Appeals.
HTMLPDF 7.68.111Payment of compensation after appealEnforcement of orderPenalty.
HTMLPDF 7.68.120ReimbursementRestitution to victimNoticeFeesOrder to withhold and deliverLimitation.
HTMLPDF 7.68.125Erroneous or fraudulent paymentErroneous failure to make paymentRepayment ordersRight to contest ordersLien.
HTMLPDF 7.68.126Recovery of overpayments.
HTMLPDF 7.68.130Public or private insuranceAttorneys' fees and costs of victim.
HTMLPDF 7.68.140Confidentiality.
HTMLPDF 7.68.145Release of information in performance of official duties.
HTMLPDF 7.68.150Benefits, payments and costs to be funded and accounted for separately.
HTMLPDF 7.68.155Information on funding availability, payments, administrative costsPosting on departmental website.
HTMLPDF 7.68.160Claims of persons injured prior to effective date.
HTMLPDF 7.68.165Application of chapter to claims filed under RCW 7.68.160.
HTMLPDF 7.68.170Examination costs of sexual assault victims paid by state.
HTMLPDF 7.68.175Examination costs of assault of a child victims paid by state.
HTMLPDF 7.68.176Examination costs of assault of a child victimsAnnual report.
HTMLPDF 7.68.200Payment for reenactments of crimesContractsDepositsDamages.
HTMLPDF 7.68.210Payment may be directed based on contract.
HTMLPDF 7.68.220Notice published of moneys in escrow.
HTMLPDF 7.68.230Payment to accused if charges dismissed, acquitted.
HTMLPDF 7.68.240Payment if no actions pending.
HTMLPDF 7.68.250Persons not guilty for mental reasons deemed convicted.
HTMLPDF 7.68.260Time for filing action begins when escrow account established.
HTMLPDF 7.68.270Escrow moneys may be used for legal representation.
HTMLPDF 7.68.280Actions to avoid law null and void.
HTMLPDF 7.68.290RestitutionDisposition when victim dead or not found.
HTMLPDF 7.68.300Finding.
HTMLPDF 7.68.310Property subject to seizure and forfeiture.
HTMLPDF 7.68.320Seizure and forfeitureProcedure.
HTMLPDF 7.68.330Seizure and forfeitureDistribution of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 7.68.340Seizure and forfeitureRemedies nondefeatable and supplemental.
HTMLPDF 7.68.350Washington state task force against the trafficking of persons.
HTMLPDF 7.68.360Human traffickingCoordinated state agency protocols.
HTMLPDF 7.68.370Trafficking of personsClearinghouse on human traffickingFunctions.
HTMLPDF 7.68.380Commercially sexually exploited children receiving center programs.
HTMLPDF 7.68.390Commercially sexually exploited children receiving center programsReferrals.
HTMLPDF 7.68.803Nonfatal strangulationPayment of costs for medical examination.
HTMLPDF 7.68.900Effective date1973 1st ex.s. c 122.
HTMLPDF 7.68.905SeverabilityConstruction1977 ex.s. c 302.
HTMLPDF 7.68.910Section captions.
HTMLPDF 7.68.915SavingsStatute of limitations1982 1st ex.s. c 8.
HTMLPDF 7.68.920ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Domestic violence, official response: Chapter 10.99 RCW.
Victims of sexual assault, programs and plans in aid of: Chapter 70.125 RCW.