Chapter 7.60 RCW



HTMLPDF 7.60.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 7.60.015Types of receivers.
HTMLPDF 7.60.025Appointment of receiver.
HTMLPDF 7.60.035Eligibility to serve as receiver.
HTMLPDF 7.60.045Receiver's bond.
HTMLPDF 7.60.055Powers of the court.
HTMLPDF 7.60.060Powers and duties of receiver generally.
HTMLPDF 7.60.070Turnover of property.
HTMLPDF 7.60.080Duties of person over whose property the receiver is appointed.
HTMLPDF 7.60.090Schedules of property and liabilitiesInventory of propertyAppraisals.
HTMLPDF 7.60.100Receiver's reports.
HTMLPDF 7.60.110Automatic stay of certain proceedings.
HTMLPDF 7.60.120Utility service.
HTMLPDF 7.60.130Executory contracts and unexpired leases.
HTMLPDF 7.60.140Receivership financing.
HTMLPDF 7.60.150Abandonment of property.
HTMLPDF 7.60.160Actions by and against the receiver or affecting property held by receiver.
HTMLPDF 7.60.170Personal liability of receiver.
HTMLPDF 7.60.180Employment and compensation of professionals.
HTMLPDF 7.60.190Participation of creditors and parties in interest in receivership proceedingEffect of court orders on nonparties.
HTMLPDF 7.60.200Notice to creditors and other parties in interest.
HTMLPDF 7.60.210Submission of claims in general receiverships.
HTMLPDF 7.60.220Objection to and allowance of claims.
HTMLPDF 7.60.230Priorities.
HTMLPDF 7.60.240Secured claims against after-acquired property.
HTMLPDF 7.60.250Interest on claims.
HTMLPDF 7.60.260Receiver's disposition of propertySales free and clear.
HTMLPDF 7.60.270Ancillary receiverships.
HTMLPDF 7.60.280Resignation or removal of receiver.
HTMLPDF 7.60.290Termination of receivership.
HTMLPDF 7.60.300Applicability.


Rules of court: Cf. CR 66, 43(e)(2).