Chapter 7.36 RCW



HTMLPDF 7.36.010Who may prosecute writ.
HTMLPDF 7.36.020Parents, guardians, etc., may act for minors, persons under guardianship or conservatorship.
HTMLPDF 7.36.030PetitionContents.
HTMLPDF 7.36.040Who may grant writ.
HTMLPDF 7.36.050To whom directedContents.
HTMLPDF 7.36.060Delivery to sheriff if to him or her directed.
HTMLPDF 7.36.070Service by sheriff if directed to another.
HTMLPDF 7.36.080Service when person not found.
HTMLPDF 7.36.090ReturnAttachment for refusal.
HTMLPDF 7.36.100Form of returnProduction of person.
HTMLPDF 7.36.110ProcedurePleadingsAmendment.
HTMLPDF 7.36.120HearingDetermination.
HTMLPDF 7.36.130Limitation upon inquiry.
HTMLPDF 7.36.140Duty of courts when federal question is raised.
HTMLPDF 7.36.150Admission to bail or dischargeDuty of court.
HTMLPDF 7.36.160Writ to admit prisoner to bail.
HTMLPDF 7.36.170Compelling attendance of witnesses.
HTMLPDF 7.36.180Officers protected from civil liability.
HTMLPDF 7.36.190Warrant to prevent removal.
HTMLPDF 7.36.200Warrant may call for apprehension of offending party.
HTMLPDF 7.36.210Execution of warrant.
HTMLPDF 7.36.220Temporary orders.
HTMLPDF 7.36.230Emergency acts on Sunday authorized.
HTMLPDF 7.36.240Writs and processIssuanceServiceDefectsAmendments.
HTMLPDF 7.36.250Proceeding in forma pauperis.
HTMLPDF 7.36.260Waiver of feesService of writ of habeas corpus issued for return of a child.


Rules of court: RAP 16.3 through 16.15.