Chapter 7.04A RCW



HTMLPDF 7.04A.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.020Notice.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.030When chapter applies.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.040Effect of agreement to arbitrateNonwaivable provisions.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.050Application to court.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.060Validity of agreement to arbitrate.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.070Motion to compel or stay arbitration.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.080Provisional remedies.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.090Initiation of arbitration.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.100Consolidation of separate arbitration proceedings.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.110Appointment of arbitratorService as a neutral arbitrator.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.120Disclosure by arbitrator.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.130Action by majority.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.140Immunity of arbitratorCompetency to testifyAttorneys' fees and costs.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.150Arbitration process.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.160Representation by lawyer.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.170WitnessesSubpoenasDepositionsDiscovery.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.180Court enforcement of preaward ruling by arbitrator.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.190Award.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.200Change of award by arbitrator.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.210RemediesFees and expenses of arbitration proceeding.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.220Confirmation of award.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.230Vacating award.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.240Modification or correction of award.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.250Judgment on awardAttorneys' fees and litigation expenses.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.260Jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.270Venue.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.280Appeals.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.290Relationship to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.900Effective date2005 c 433.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.901Uniformity of application and construction2005 c 433.
HTMLPDF 7.04A.903Savings2005 c 433.