Chapter 69.28 RCW



69.28.020Enforcement power and duty of director and agents.
69.28.025Rules and regulations have force of law.
69.28.030Rules prescribing standards.
69.28.040Right to enter, inspect, and take samples.
69.28.050Containers to be labeled.
69.28.060Requisites of markings.
69.28.070"Marked" definedWhen honey need not be marked.
69.28.080Purchaser to be advised of standardsExceptions.
69.28.090Forgery, simulation, etc., of marks, labels, etc., unlawful.
69.28.095Unlawful mutilation or removal of seals, marks, etc., used by director.
69.28.100Marks for "slack-filled" container.
69.28.110Use of used containers.
69.28.120Floral source labels.
69.28.130Adulterated honeySale or offer unlawful.
69.28.133Nonconforming honeySale or offer unlawful.
69.28.135Warning-tagged honeyMovement prohibited.
69.28.140Possession of unlawful honey as evidence.
69.28.180Violation of rules and regulations unlawful.
69.28.190"Director" defined.
69.28.200"Container" defined.
69.28.210"Subcontainer" defined.
69.28.220"Section box" defined.
69.28.230"Clean and sound containers" defined.
69.28.240"Pack," "packing," or "packed" defined.
69.28.250"Label" defined.
69.28.260"Person" defined.
69.28.270"Slack-filled" defined.
69.28.280"Deceptive arrangement" defined.
69.28.290"Mislabeled" defined.
69.28.300"Placard" defined.
69.28.310"Honey" defined.
69.28.320"Comb-honey" defined.
69.28.330"Extracted honey" defined.
69.28.340"Crystallized honey" defined.
69.28.350"Honeydew" defined.
69.28.360"Foreign material" defined.
69.28.370"Foreign honey" defined.
69.28.380"Adulterated honey" defined.
69.28.390"Serious damage" defined.
69.28.400Labeling requirements for artificial honey or mixtures containing honey.
69.28.410Embargo on honey or productNotice by directorRemoval.
69.28.420Embargo on honey or productCourt order affirming, requiredOrder for destruction or correction and releaseBond.
69.28.430Consolidation of petitions presenting same issue and claimant.
69.28.440Sample of honey or product may be obtainedProcedure.
69.28.450Recovery of damages barred if probable cause for embargo.
69.28.900Severability1939 c 199.
69.28.910Short title.


Bees and apiaries: Chapter 15.60 RCW.
Commission merchants, agricultural products: Title 20 RCW.