Chapter 68.64 RCW



68.64.030Persons authorized to make an anatomical giftDuring life of donor.
68.64.040Manner in which an anatomical gift may be made.
68.64.050Amending or revoking an anatomical gift.
68.64.060Refusal to make an anatomical gift.
68.64.070Making, amending, or revoking a gift by a person other than donorMaking additional gifts.
68.64.080Persons authorized to make an anatomical giftAfter donor's death.
68.64.090Manner in which an anatomical gift may be madeAfter donor's death.
68.64.100Persons to whom an anatomical gift may be made.
68.64.105Document of giftValidity requirements.
68.64.110Document of gift or refusalExamination and copying.
68.64.120Procurement organizationsReasonable examinationsDonee's rightsPhysician removal of donated part.
68.64.130Nonnative English speakersInterpreter services and translations.
68.64.140HospitalsAgreements or affiliations with procurement organizations required.
68.64.150Illegal purchases or salesFelony.
68.64.160Illegal financial gainAltering a document, amendment, or revocation of giftFelony.
68.64.180Declarations or advance health care directivesConflicts with medical suitability measures.
68.64.190Coroner or medical examinerDuties.
68.64.200Organ and tissue donor registry.
68.64.210Organ and tissue donation awareness account.
68.64.900Short title.
68.64.901Applicable state laws.
68.64.902Uniformity of application and construction2008 c 139.
68.64.903Supersedes, in part, the federal electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.