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Administration and enforcement of title.

The board shall enforce and administer the provisions of chapters 68.04 through 68.50 RCW, subject to provisions of RCW 68.05.400. The board may adopt and amend bylaws establishing its organization and method of operation. The board may refer such evidence as may be available concerning violations of chapters 68.04 through 68.50 RCW to the attorney general or the proper prosecuting attorney, who may in his or her discretion, with or without such a reference, in addition to any other action the board might commence, bring an action against any person to restrain or prevent the doing of any act or practice prohibited or declared unlawful in chapters 68.04 through 68.50 RCW and shall have standing to seek enforcement of said provisions in the superior court of the state of Washington for the county in which the principal office of the cemetery authority is located.
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