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For the purposes of this chapter:
(1) "Commission" means the state lottery commission established by this chapter;
(2) "Director" means the director of the state lottery established by this chapter;
(3) "Lottery" or "state lottery" means the lottery established and operated pursuant to this chapter;
(4) "Online game" means a lottery game in which a player pays a fee to a lottery retailer and selects a combination of digits, numbers, or symbols, type and amount of play, and receives a computer-generated ticket with those selections, and the lottery separately draws or selects the winning combination or combinations;
(5) "Shared game lottery" means any lottery activity in which the commission participates under written agreement between the commission, on behalf of the state, and any other state or states.


Effective date1994 c 218: See note following RCW 9.46.010.
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